Information And Links For County Departments And Municipalities

This page and included links are meant to provide Departments within Ulster County and outside government entities access to Purchasing Department related information. 

The Ulster County Purchasing Procedures Manual outlines the Purchasing Department’s structure, governing laws, regulations, policies, procedures and County departments' roles and responsibilities in the purchasing process. To view the Ulster County Purchasing Procedures Manual CLICK HERE

Municipalities as well as departments may purchase off awarded County Bids. Click here to review current awards 

Other municipalities and government entities, as well as County departments, may purchase off New York State awarded bids. To connect to Ulster County as a member of the Empire State Purchasing Group, an online E-notification system comprised of over 170 counties, cities, towns, villages and other  agencies CLICK HERE.  Membership is free to government entities and provides access to registered vendors, solicitation awards, a bid library, and the opportunity to upload bids and quotes on the site.  Municipalities, authorities, and other governmental agencies in New York State are eligible to join ESPG  by following the link above or calling 800-835-4603.



New York State

New York State Association of Municipal Purchasing Officers (SAMPO) 

NYS Department of Labor – Labor Law and Prevailing Wage Rates