GIS and Mapping Resources

The following is a collection of links to off-site resources that staff has compiled to help the public, officials, businesses, and researchers to facilitate research of Ulster County.

Cornell University Geospatial Information Repository (CUGIR) - CUGIR is an active online repository in the National Spatial Data Clearinghouse program. CUGIR provides geospatial data and metadata for New York State, with special emphasis on those natural features relevant to agriculture, ecology, natural resources, and human-environment interactions. (CUGIR)

NYS Data Center GIS - The New York State Data Center's Geography and Mapping site provides interactive query access to geographic boundary files, Census attribute data for various levels of statistical and political geography, and predefined thematic maps illustrating various economic and demographic characteristics of the population.

NYS GIS Clearinghouse - New York State's Central Repository for GIS Mapping Data.

Google Maps - Google's mapping tool which includes street level, 360 degree photography for County, State, and Federal Routes.

Bing Maps - Mapping tool that starts at your current location, and includes oblique (45 degree angle) photography for the North, South, East, and West for select locations (and coming soon for county-wide). Also incorporating street level photography like Google maps, but not yet available in Ulster County.

Geographic Resource Solutions - List of links to a variety of GIS resources.