Housing Strategies Plan

This study examines the trends in the county's housing costs, its economy and the relationship between these factors and household income-wage growth as it relates to affordability. This study found that despite signs of a turnaround in the county's economic fortunes, the ability to afford housing in nearly all of the county's communities has not kept pace with its rising costs. In addition, the study found that the gap between income and soaring housing prices has gotten dramatically worse in the last seven to eight years. As a result, many county residents are finding it harder and harder to obtain decent housing without paying an uncomfortably high and increasingly larger percentage of their earnings-income. This is true whether the housing choice involves homeownership or rental.


Executive Summary | Final Report

Appendix I: Economic and Demographic Background-Long Term Population, Household and Job Projections
Appendix II: Zoning Analysis Table
Appendix III: How Affordability by Tenure Was Calculated for This Study
Appendix IV:Powerpoint Presentation for the Second Public Forum
Appendix V: Public Meeting-Public Feedback Materials
Appendix VI: Overview of Current State and Cooperative Federal Programs to Support Housing that are Available in the County
Appendix VII:Overview of Selected Model Housing Strategy Programs
Appendix VIII: Glossary of Housing Terms