Ulster County to Host Juneteenth Freedom Day Event on Monday, June 17

Posted June 10, 2024

The Offices of the Ulster County Executive and County Clerk will host a Juneteenth Freedom Day Event on Monday, June 17, with the theme: ‘Ulster County Celebrates Juneteenth and Freedom through Truth and Reconciliation.’

The event will present the work undertaken by the Ulster County Truth and Reconciliation Commission, including the launch of the Truth and Reconciliation website “Bearing Witness,” which will include a searchable database of all primary documents, an interactive map containing the locations of historic houses in Ulster County known to have been involved in enslavement, an overview of historic Black burial grounds, and an extensive collection of stories chronicling the lives of historic personages of African descent. 

The event will include a demo of the website, and is meant to be an accessible resource for educators, students, and the community, with the goal of providing an honest and expansive understanding of the legacy of slavery in Ulster County.

The Juneteenth event will run from 4:00 to 6:00 pm on the First Floor of the Government Office Building, at 244 Fair Street in the City of Kingston. 

                Event:                 2024 Juneteenth Freedom Day Event

                Date:                    Monday, June 17, 2024  

                Time:                   4:00-6:00 pm

                Location:          1st Floor - 244 Fair Street, Kingston NY 12401

“Celebrating Juneteenth is complex and vital to our understanding of freedom in America, particularly for African Americans,” said Ulster County Chief Diversity Officer Esi Lewis. “It reminds us of what we have overcome and achieved while encouraging us to continue our quest for equality. My favorite part is that Juneteenth is relevant to everyone in our own way to express freedom and its evolution. It unites us. Let's come together as one community for Juneteenth to celebrate freedom and ensure freedom lives by being active and productive members of our society, by voting, being politically active and civically minded for the good of all.”



All are welcome and encouraged to attend this free and important event.

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