County Executive Metzger and Legislators Seek Traffic Impact and Safety Analysis for Rte. 44/55

Posted March 1, 2024

KINGSTON, NY - Ulster County Executive Jen Metzger has called on New York State Department of Transportation (NYS DOT) to conduct a thorough investigation into road safety of 44/55 where the Town of Plattekill is considering an application for a 451,000-square-foot warehousing facility located at 2021 NYS Route 44/55 in its BD-60 zoning district. Ulster County legislators also signed on in support, including Minority Leader Kevin Roberts (D-12, Plattekill), Legislator Debra Clinton (D-16, Gardiner and Shawangunk), Legislator Megan Sperry (D-17, New Paltz and Esopus) and Legislator Limina Grace Harmon (D-20, New Paltz). 

County Executive Metzger and Legislators expressed major concern about the existing bare-bones traffic analysis that has been completed and are seeking a more rigorous assessment of traffic and safety issues. Concerns about the traffic analysis have been raised by the Ulster County Planning Board, as well as by local officials and residents in Plattekill and neighboring communities of Gardiner and New Paltz.

“The potential volume and frequency of truck traffic from this kind of facility is a major concern for neighbors and surrounding communities, and there are issues like sight distances, speeds, and the ability of trucks to safely navigate portions of the highway system that have not been adequately examined,” said County Executive Jen Metzger. “Our communities have recently lost four young people to accidents on three different state roads, and we insist that the proper analyses are done for this project to protect public safety and reduce risks of such tragic losses in the future.”


“A project the size of the proposed mega warehouse will change the rural character of Plattekill and Southern Ulster County forever. Traffic, noise, and drainage are just a few of the issues that concern me. By asking NYSDOT to do additional traffic and safety impact studies will protect the residents that live near and use RT 44/55 in Modena. I appreciate County Executive Metzger and our colleagues on both sides of the aisle that have come together to protect our shared communities,” stated Legislator Kevin Roberts.


Legislator Megan Sperry added: “Over the past four years we have seen a significant increase in traffic on all roads in Ulster County. The Hudson Valley has become a regional destination for tourists who want to hike, bike, check out our farms, and enjoy all the entertainment opportunities we have to offer. With that being said, we need to collaborate with the state and our local municipalities to ensure that everyone, pedestrian and vehicle operators, are safe on our streets for any reason they find themselves in transit.”


A copy of the letter is attached as a .pdf

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