Environmental Health Services Division

The Environmental Health Services Division (EHSD) is responsible for providing a safe and healthy environment for residents and visitors through education, permitting, inspection, and enforcement of regulated activities and programs.


Food Service Safety and Community Sanitation

The division is responsible for permitting, inspection, and complaint investigations for restaurants, food service facilities, mobile home parks, guest lodging, and camping establishments, bungalow colonies, children’s day and overnight camps, pools, beaches, migrant farmworker housing, as well as mass gatherings. The division also investigates complaints regarding rental dwellings, sewage failures, vermin infestations, and offensive materials. Contact: (845) 340–3010.
More info and permit applications.


Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

The goal of the Ulster County Lead Poisoning Prevention Program is to educate people about the dangers of lead-based paint, how lead affects our bodies, how to identify lead paint hazards, and how to use lead-safe work practices to appropriately deal with lead paint hazards so that we have no more lead-poisoned kids. Read more.....


Food Service Waste Reduction

Ulster County's Food Service Waste Reduction Act bans all food service establishments from using expanded polystyrene foam (commonly referred to as Styrofoam) when preparing, selling or providing food and beverages. Learn more...


Menu Calorie Labeling

As part of the Department of Health’s efforts to prevent the rise of overweight and obese children and adults, EHSD food inspectors also monitor compliance with Ulster County Local Law #1– 2009 which requires operators of chain and fast food establishments to post calories information on menus and signboards.


Local Law on the Use of Polystyrene in Food Service Establishments in Ulster County  


Neighbor (Pesticide) Notification Law

EHSD enforces and conducts educational activities associated with Ulster County’s Neighborhood (Pesticide) Notification Law, which regulates commercial and residential lawn pesticide applications in Ulster County

Public Water Supplies

Services include sanitary surveys, inspections, water supply surveillance samples, troubleshooting, plan reviews and approvals, and technical assistance to both private and public water supply owners/operators, throughout Ulster County. Contact: (845) 340–3031

Some Resources on Residential Wells and Drought

  • General information on wells (USGS)


  • General information on residential wells (USGS)


  • What makes a well go dry? (USGS)


  • Why having tanked water brought in to fill your well might create a problem. (NYS DEC)


  • Information on the current drought conditions (NRCC)



Want to test your water? Click here for a list of Certified Drinking Water Labs

Rabies Control Program

This program investigates complaints regarding rabies, submits specimens to the State laboratory for confirmation, provides follow-up for those who have come in contact with rabid animals, and ensures that appropriate treatment options are made available. Confinement of domestic animals that have been exposed to rabies is also monitored by the division. Contact: (845) 340–3010.....read more

Residential/Commercial Wastewater

Services include the plan review and approval of residential, commercial, and small permitted community wastewater systems and realty subdivisions. The division follows up on complaints and inspects on-site septic systems at food service establishments, hotels, motels, children's camps, mobile home parks, and campgrounds during their routine facility inspections. It also permits refuse and waste haulers. Contact (845) 340–3010.

Tick-Borne and Mosquito-Borne Disease

Staff provides education and materials on how to prevent tick and mosquito-borne diseases. A tick identification service is also provided. Contact: (845) 340–3031

Tobacco Law Enforcement

Conducts education and enforcement activities related to the NYS Clean Indoor Air Act, the NYS Adolescent Tobacco Use Prevention Act, and regulation of smoking on County property.