Participating Jurisdictions

Statements of Authority to Participate (or declining to do so) are posted here for each community as they are received by UCECEM. For participating jurisdictions, the Statements document each community's commitment to the plan, and document an Authorizing Individual, and Core Planning Group Representative and Alternate.

MunicipalityParticipating / Not Participating
Town of DenningParticipating
Town of EsopusParticipating
Town of GardinerParticipating
Town of HardenburghParticipating
Town of HurleyParticipating
Town of KingstonParticipating
Town of LloydParticipating
Town of MarbletownParticipating
Town of MarlboroughParticipating
Town of New PaltzParticipating
Town of OliveParticipating
Town of PlattekillParticipating
Town of RochesterParticipating
Town of RosendaleParticipating
Town of SaugertiesParticipating
Town of ShandakenParticipating
Town of ShawangunkParticipating
Town of UlsterParticipating
Town of WawarsingParticipating
Town of WoodstockParticipating
Village of EllenvilleParticipating
Village of New PaltzParticipating
Village of SaugertiesParticipating
City of KingstonParticipating