FAQ: Finance

Q: Can I purchase property at the Auction with a credit card?

A: No. Payment must be in the form of a certified check, cashier’s check, cash or money order.

Q: Can I bid online or over the phone?

A: No.  You must be present or send a representative to bid for you.

Q: How often does Ulster County hold Public Auctions?

A: Once a year, generally in the Spring.

Q: When does my property become eligible for foreclosure?

A: Properties become eligible for foreclosure when a tax is three years old.  Even if you have only one year of tax due, if that tax is three years old, you will receive a Notice of Foreclosure.

Q: Where do I apply for the STAR exemption? How do I find out what other exemptions I may qualify for?

A: Contact your town assessor to apply for or inquire about any exemption including STAR.  Please note, the STAR exemption applies only to school taxes and is only applied to a primary residence.  The STAR exemption does not apply to vacant land, commercial property, investment property or second/vacation homes.

Q: Why did I receive a notice about unpaid taxes when I have a payment plan with the County?

A: Notices are sent for the duration of the contract/payment plan, including a Notice of Foreclosure if your contract includes a tax that is three years old.  Taxes are considered unpaid until the contract is paid in full.

Q: Can I make monthly payments on my late taxes?

A: Yes.  Ulster County has an installment payment plan for delinquent taxes.  There are a few requirements involved with a monthly payment plan and you must sign a contract with the County.  Please contact the Ulster County Department of Finance to inquire about this program.

Q: How do I change my mailing address for my tax bills?

A: Contact the assessor in your town to change your address.  If you have delinquent taxes, contact the Ulster County Department of Finance as well. 

Q: If I did not receive my tax bill, am I responsible for interest/penalties?

A: Yes.  As a property owner, you are responsible for your taxes and any interest and/or penalties that may apply whether or not you receive a tax bill.

Q: If I have more than one year of taxes due, can I pay the oldest tax first?

A: No.  New York State Real Property Tax Law states that taxes are collected in reverse chronological order.  Therefore, you must pay the newest tax first.