FAQ: Finance

Q: What if I do not have any documents or mail in my name?

A: If you were claimed on your parents Federal Income Tax and New York State Income Tax returns, a copy of each may be accepted to show that you are their dependent.  Along with this, you must submit current documentation (bill or mail) with your parents name and address to show Ulster County residency.

Q: What if my driver’s license is less than a year old?

A: If your driver’s license is less than a year old, the Department of Finance will accept a bill, bank statement or voter registration card that is dated at least one year from the date of application to prove New York State residency.  In addition, documentation is required to prove six month residency in Ulster County.

Q: What proof do I need to show my residency?

A: Usually a NYS driver’s license issued at least one year from the date of the application is used to prove the New York State residency requirement.  A bill or bank statement dated six months prior to the date of the application along with a current mailing may be used to prove Ulster County residency requirement.

Q: How do I become eligible?

A: If you have lived in New York State for over one year and in Ulster County during any time in the last six months, you are eligible for a partial certificate.  If you have lived in the County for all of the last six months you are eligible for a full certificate.

Q: Does the County evict the former owner of the property?

A: Evictions, if necessary, are the sole responsibility of the successful bidder once the deed has been recorded.

Q: Will I have to pay the back taxes as well as my bid?

A: No. Your bid includes all back taxes.

Q: What happens to the judgments, liens, mortgages etc., if there are any on the property?

A: The County makes no representation that any parcel is free from judgments, liens or mortgages. Research should be done prior to bidding.

Q: Can I visit the property or start working on the property if I am the successful bidder?

A: No. Possession of the property is forbidden until the deed is recorded with the Ulster County Clerk.  Title vests upon the recording of the deed.

Q: Will I get clear title?

A: No.   If your bid is accepted and approved by the Ulster County Legislature, a Quitclaim Deed conveying the County’s interest will be issued.

Q: What happens to the properties left over from the Auction?

A: A list of the properties left over from the auction is compiled and available about a month after the auction.  Once the list is available, the properties are available for sale on a first come first serve basis.