Ulster County Comptroller

Elliott Auerbach is Ulster County's first Comptroller. As a lifelong resident of the County, safeguarding its continued success and growth is Elliott's highest goal.

Since the establishment of the Office in 2008, he has challenged himself and his staff to approach each day as an opportunity to protect the taxpayer's investment in their County government by preventing fraud, identifying waste, and reducing inefficiency.

  • Ulster County Comptroller provides elected officials with financial transparency on local government expenses.
  • The Ulster County Comptroller engages all local citizens to be champions of good governance and citizenship.
  • Ulster County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach highlights 11 outstanding high school students who chose to take the road less traveled and leave their indelible mark on their school, their community and their county through the Recognizing Success Program.
  • The Ulster County Comptroller engages local citizens wherever they may be in order to promote accessibility to their local elected officials.
  • The Ulster County Comptroller is supported by dedicated professionals.
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